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German flautist, maker, composer and author, Johann Joachim Quantz is quoted as saying “For that which does not come from the heart does not easily reach the heart.” Well, the heart was exactly where the music came from at the first 2019 concert of The Muses’ Delight held at Church of All Nations, Carlton.

 Bronwen Whyatt, Classic Melbourne, 2019

Founded in late 2017 and named after Euterpe, the Greek muse of music, The Muses’ Delight are quickly establishing themselves as a key period instrument ensemble in Australia. Combining their knowledge and passion with high spirited and creative energy, they describe themselves as ‘musical explorers’, journeying through time and place to capture the hearts of audiences.

Strongly believing that classical music should be accessible for everyone, The Muses’ Delight have attracted a diverse range of dedicated followers through performing at a wide range of traditional and unconventional venues. Following their first meeting at the Boxwood folk festival, The Muses’ Delight have performed to sold out audiences in regional NSW and VIC, have been guest artists at the Peninsula Festival, performed at intimate house concerts and internationally at the Urbino Early Music Festival in Italy.

Whilst passionate about discovering lost musical treasures from the past, The Muses’ Delight are committed to broadening their musical horizons, playing repertoire spanning from the baroque to contemporary Australian composers. Their creative programming and bold execution weave stories from long ago, connecting them to our world today.

The Muses’ Delight comprises Meredith Beardmore (flute), Katie Yap (viola) and Lucy Price (cello). Individually they are women with diverse careers and interests, and each bring variety, sensitivity and flair to the ensemble, creating a voice together that is rich with authenticity.

Lucy Price

Katie Yap


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Photos: Angus Scott

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